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Caroline manager of Mutlers Row is also hoping to release Hedgehogs in the garden at some point this year. Caroline has been 'over wintering' some of the late autumn babies and when they are ready (fat enough) they will be released.

We are also going to 'orchard' the lower part of the garden with Apple, Pear, Plum and Cherry,hopefully this will help increase the wildlife into the garden and provide tasty treats for our guests, so not only is it a beautiful cotswold country  cottage but 'fruitful too'.

The birds are in their element at Mutlers Row as are new feeding station is attracting alot of species. When Caroline was there last apart from blue/Great/Marshtits , Sparrows, Wrens, green/gold/chaffinchs, we had Green Woodpecker, Crossbill visit for food and Golden Oreole spotted twice in the trees, to name but a few; it is fantastic when our guests spot a new bird and leave details for us and I am sure all Mutlers Row guests will join in reporting on future Hedgehog welfare in the guest book.

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Just to keep you updated on what is happening at Mutlers Row cotswold country cottage; We are in the process of converting our large store room to a 3rd bedroom, hopefully it will all be completed by late spring meaning Mutlers Row will be a 3 bed – 2 bathroom Cotswold country cottage that will make your stay even more comfortable.

We are also having new carpets throughout, Mutlers Row will be the place to visit, comfy beds all the mod cons you will need and a stunning view to boot. Cotswold country cottage life at its best.

Don't forget to check out any special offers we may have to add that extra bonus to a fantasic Cotswold counrty cottage holiday.

As you are probably aware we are all campaigning to save the Forests of Britain, the Forest of Dean is very precious to us all and we at Mutlers Row and ALL our guests feel the same way, it would be nothing short of TRAGIC if we lost this wonderful forest. The best way we can help is by supporting the campaign, visit and sign the petition.

Mutlers Row and all Cotswold country cottages holidaymakers are behind this especially as the Forest of Dean has very few public paths so privitisation could be devastaing to all visitors causing major resrtictions on where we can walk/ride/cycle.

We at Mutlers Row feel so strongly about this that if you mention this post we will give you 10% off your booking our Cotswold country cottage.

So why not book Mutlers Row Cotswold country cottage now and see our spring refurb and support the forest at the same time.

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